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Title:Les beaux Quartiers
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Louis Aragón
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Number of Pages:624

Les beaux Quartiers by Louis Aragón

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Les beaux Quartiers Ce roman est l histoire de deux fr res Edmond et Armand Barbentane Le premier devra sa fortune l abandon qu un homme riche lui fait de sa ma tresse Armand lui abandonnant les siens est devenu ouvrier dans une usine de Levallois Perret son avenir s en trouvera chang

Paris Peasant

i Paris Peasant i is one of the central works of Surrealism yet Exact Change s edition is the first U S publication of Simon Watson Taylor s authoritative translation completed after consultations with the author Unconventional in form Aragon consciously avoided recognizable narration or character development i Paris Peasant i is in the author s words a mythology of the modern The book uses the city of Paris as a stage or framework and Aragon interweaves his text with images of related ephemera cafe menus maps inscriptions on monuments and newspaper clippings A detailed description of a Parisian arcade nineteenth century precursor to the mini mall and another of the Buttes Chaumont park are among the great set pieces within Aragon s swirling prose of philosophy dream and satire Andre Breton wrote of this work no one could have been a more astute detector of the unwonted in all its forms no one else could have been carried away by such intoxicating reveries about a sort of secret life of the city


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Les Yeux d'Elsa

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Irene's Cunt

First published anonymously in France in Le Con d Irene is the last lost masterpiece of Surrealist erotica Likes Georges Bataille s i Story of the Eye i published the same year i Irene s Cunt i is an intensely poetic account the story of a man s torment when he becomes fixated upon the genitalia of an imaginary woman and is reduced to voyeuristically scoping her erotic encounters In between describing various events in brothels and other sexual adventures Louis Aragon charts an inner monologue which is often reminiscent in its poetic surreal intensity of the work of Lautreamont and of Artaud in its evocation of physical disgust as the dark correlative to spiritual illumination p This new edition features an exceptional and completely unexpurgated translation by Alexis Lykiard translator of Lautreamont s Maldoror and Apollinaire s Les Onze Mille Verges and includes complete annotation and an illuminating introduction p


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The Adventures of Telemachus

Published in and modeled on Finelon s seventeenth century epic of the same name Aragon s work parodies its heroic models didacticism psychological stability and descriptive and narrative balance

Le fou d'Elsa

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Les beaux Quartiers

Ce roman est l histoire de deux fr res Edmond et Armand Barbentane Le premier devra sa fortune l abandon qu un homme riche lui fait de sa ma tresse Armand lui abandonnant les siens est devenu ouvrier dans une usine de Levallois Perret son avenir s en trouvera chang

Mutlu Aşk Yoktur

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Treatise on Style

Surprising juxtapositions like goats spread across pianos and fearful optical illusions like eyeballs being sliced characterized the surrealistic movement in the arts in when Louis Aragon published i Trait du Style i in Paris Aragon had become ever more contemptuous of vogues and pretensions In the name of surrealism he produced the first significant critique of it Instead of merely upsetting old relationships and skewering sensibilities i Trait du Style i was meant to shock with a capital S and it did Only now has it been completely translated into English Although time has attenuated the scandalous nature of Aragon s language his criticism has lost none of its edge in this translation by Alyson Waters From the beginning which describes a postcard showing a little boy on a potty as representative of French humor and the French spirit to the end an attack in scatalogical language on the French military establishment Aragon zeros in on one target after another Nothing escapes his notice or venom whether it is the masturbatory output of contemporary writers the prostitution of culture or the perversions of government br br Still i Treatise on Style i is more than a brilliant diatribe directed against what Aragon perceived as the moral political and intellectual failures of his time He proposes surrealism in art as in life as a means to achieve a valid ethical and aesthetic style Surrealism as Aragon defines it here loses some of its mythical and mystical trappings it becomes inspiration with rolled up shirt sleeves He exercises this faculty in his own writing which aims to shake readers out of their complacency by alternating the intensely lyrical with the borderline obscene and juxtaposing the language of the educated elite with that of the street Whether denouncing religious fantacism or dispensing praise Aragon remains true to his idea of the surrealist project to reclassify certain values through the act of writing itself i Treatise on Style i entertains as a portrait of a movement and of a personality who kept moving

Elsa, Irene's Cunt, Treatise on Style, Les Yeux d'Elsa, Le fou d'Elsa, Mutlu Aşk Yoktur, The Adventures of Telemachus, Les beaux Quartiers, Aurélien, Paris Peasant