The Vampyre and Ernestus Berchtold; Or, the Modern Oedipus

A fascinating but shadowy figure of Romanticism John Polidori was the sensitive but fierce writer behind one of literature s most notorious characters the vampyre This short story reveals the seductive figure of evil who continues to exert a powerful influence over popular culture and who cemented Polidori s status within the Gothic tradition This collection also makes available many of Polidori s lesser known and hard to find works including a medical thesis on nightmares an essay on the source of pleasures poetry and personal diaries and the novel Modern Oedipus These works combine to help illuminate and deepen the reader s understanding of Romanticism and the Gothic br

The Unhappy Grocery Rhyme

The Unhappy Grocery Rhyme is a fun and imaginative way to teach your child the importance of healthy eating This rhyme tells the amusing story of a group of unhappy supermarket groceries who worry that nobody will want to buy them But as each grocery is bought by a shopper they come to learn an important lesson about their role in a healthy balanced diet Written entirely in rhyming couplets this rhyme is a sure fire way to convince your child to eat their greens Children aged

The Unhappy Animal Rhyme

The Unhappy Animal Rhyme tells the story of unhappy animals who seek help from the vet to solve their funny and unique animal problems Join Aaron the Aardvark and his friends on their long journey to visit the vet but will the vet help them with their unusual problems This amusing tale is written entirely in catchy rhyming couplets great for little and big kids alike Beautifully illustrated The Unhappy Animal Rhyme is repetitive and entertaining a brilliant bedtime read Designed for children aged the rhyme gives useful snippets of information about the animals and encourages understanding of the alphabet There is also an important lesson to be learned be proud of who you are

Frankenstein: The Original 1818 Text

i Frankenstein i loved by many decades of readers and praised by such eminent literary critics as Harold Bloom seems hardly to need a recommendation If you haven t read it recently though you may not remember the sweeping force of the prose the grotesque surreal imagery and the multilayered i doppelg nger i themes of Mary Shelley s masterpiece As fantasy writer Jane Yolen writes of this the reviewer s favorite edition The strong black and whites of the main text illustrations are dark and brooding with unremitting shadows and stark contrasts But the central conversation with the monster who owes nothing to the overused movie image but is rather the novel s charnel house composite is where Barry Moser s illustrations show their greatest power The viewer can all but smell the powerful stench of the monster s breath as its words spill out across the page Strong book making for one of the world s strongest and most remarkable books Includes an illuminating afterword by Joyce Carol Oates

The Monk

This is an essential edition Its ample coverage of critical reception cultural responses and historical context does full justice to the profound intertextuality of em The Monk em strong Angela Wright University of Sheffield strong