On Becoming a Counselor: A Basic Guide for Nonprofessional Counselors and Other Helpers

Psychologist Eugene Kennedy and psychiatrist Sara C Charles have brought this already popular book up to date with the medical and psychological advances over the past ten years This book continues to provide counselors with all the essential tools they need to respond to people s problems with intelligence and compassion

My Brother Joseph: The Spirit of a Cardinal and the Story of a Friendship

Even if they are not committed to any specific religion men and women everywhere have a deep desire to come into contact with the transcendent When he wrote these words in his bestselling book The Gift of Peace Cardinal Bernardin was too modest to recognize that this unadorned description of the appeal of transcendence captured his own charismatic hold on people across the world br br A friend of Joseph Bernardin for more than three decades Eugene Kennedy contemplates the spiritual meaning of the Cardinal s life looking especially closely at the last three years

The Unhealed Wound: The Church and Human Sexuality

br div Kennedy a psychologist former priest and a leading Catholic author and scholar addresses one of the most compelling yet undiscussed issues in the Church human sexuality i The Unhealed Wound i is a penetrating and insightful study of the unresolved conflicts Catholics face regarding both their sexuality and spirituality deep conflicts which grow more and more serious as they remain unaddressed within the Church br br He astutely yet respectfully takes to task a faith that despite the reality of erotic love as a natural and human aspect of life itself condemns birth control marriage for priests and sex outside of marriage i The Unhealed Wound i also examines the Church s formidable hierarchy challenging those clerics who uphold papal edicts unthinkingly Articulately postulating our need not only to understand but celebrate our own sexuality this book will engender both controversy and heated dialogue among today s scholars students and believers of Catholicism br div br

On Being a Friend

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Father's Day

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Cardinal Bernardin's Stations of the Cross: Transforming Our Grief and Loss into a New Life

Joseph Cardinal Bernardin had long been considered the leader of American Catholicism and was so widely respected that he was thought to be the only American who might become Pope His destiny as those close to him soon sensed was not to become a Pope but a saint instead These meditations reveal the parallels between the passion of Christ as known through scriptural scholarship and the passion of Cardinal Bernardin in the fourteen stations of his own life

This Man Bernardin

With photographs by Pulitizer Prize winning photojournalist John White and elegant text from author psychologist and friend Eugene Kennedy the life of Joseph Cardinal Bernardin Archbishop of Chicago is deftly and sensitively portrayed

Free to Be Human

will help you cope with the pain of being human and revel in the joy of it Ann Landers br br With the same understanding and compassionate insights that have made his i Pain of Being Human i and i Joy of Being Human i bestselling books Eugene Kennedy here discusses the inner barricades that people erect in their life and how certain attitudes can impede our self realization and happiness We miss the human situation when we try to break away from it he writes adding that we must learn to accept certain limitations and human imperfections as we search for inner freedom and peace br br These essays cover a wide range of situations that comprise the fabric of all human life dealing with anger impatience insecurity obsessions loss and death We are helped here in seeing the meaning beneath what may appear as only a jumble of everyday events In facilitating our greater self understanding and self acceptance Kennedy helps pave the way for our handling the challenges and problems inherent in all our other relationships The key to our success he advises is our readiness to enter into our experience to suffer it as well as to celebrate it and always to call it by its right name br br This is a helpful and practical book that gives its readers a chance to pause reflect and get a renewed perspective on life


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A Time for Love

i I am writing this book in hopes that it will help men who have lost their way to find it again in friendship and love Everywhere I go I see lonely people who even though they cannot put their longing into words are still hoping for some experience of love and understanding that will give them the strength to face life with a little more courage People really are not looking for somebody with all the answers for life s riddles they are quite prepared to live with mystery when the sustaining power of love is present They can accept the seeming unfairness of life with all its pains and disappointments when they have been touched by love and when they have learned that sharing love and friendship is what holds life together br br When you have experienced real love you know that it does not come in any ideal state that it is marked with pain as well as joy and that if you are serious about it you have to keep growing in it and working at it i