Awakening Islam: The Politics of Religious Dissent in Contemporary Saudi Arabia

With unprecedented access to a closed culture Lacroix offers an account of Islamism in Saudi Arabia Tracing the last half century of the Sahwa or Islamic Awakening he explains the brand of Islam that gave birth to Osama bin Laden one that has been exported and dangerously misunderstood around the world

The Bear: History of a Fallen King

The oldest discovered statue fashioned some fifteen to twenty thousand years ago is of a bear This title considers how this once venerated creature was deposed by the advent of Christianity and continued to sink lower in the symbolic bestiary before rising again in Pyrrhic triumph as a popular toy

Lafayette: Hero of the American Revolution

In this long overdue history of Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette acclaimed French author Gonzague Saint Bris recounts Lafayette s invaluable contributions to the American War of Independence and later the French Revolution of The first study of Lafayette to appear in almost ten years Saint Bris new volume recounts the young Lafayette s personal friendship with George Washington who went so far as to refer to Lafayette as his adopted son and his pivotal role as Washington s aide de camp in helping establish the fledgling American nation br br br Lafayette s presence at the British surrender at Yorktown is a stark reminder of just how closely our forefather s victory hinged on the help of our French allies who were roused into action by Lafayette himself equally absorbing and less well known is Lafayette s idealistic but naive efforts to plant the fruits of the American style democracy he so admired in the unreceptive soil of his homeland

How PowerPoint Makes You Stupid: The Faulty Causality, Sloppy Logic, Decontextualized Data, and Seductive Showmanship That Have Taken Over Our Thinking

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Barbarism with a Human Face

Levy was a left wing student leader during the events of May i Barbarism With A Human Face i is a fiercely polemical transvaluation of his former values proclaiming that what seemed to be the hope of the world is really its destruction and that what seemed to be progress is really the approaching and inevitable triumph of all the forces of darkness This is a book of iconoclastic prophecy whose central intention is to show that behind the mask of revolutionary benevolence hums the motor of absolute evil


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Notes on the Occupation: Palestinian Lives

Almost forty years after the Israeli military occupation of Palestine scenes from everyday life in the West Bank remain rare and fragmented in the West Despite its prominence in world news surprisingly little is known about daily life in this troubled land Yet with the publication of former President Jimmy Carter s controversial new book i Palestine Peace Not Apartheid i it has become clear that an unvarnished view of Palestinian life is an essential prerequisite to peace In i Notes on the Occupation i critic and intellectual Eric Hazan provides crucial insight into life in the occupied state br br The result of a monthlong visit to the region during the summer of including visits to Nablus Qalqilyah and Hebron Hazan s eloquent account reveals the complex and devastating impact of the occupation br br With an introduction by celebrated Middle East scholar Rashid Khalidi and an epilogue by activist Michel Warschawski i Notes on the Occupation i is a rare portrait of a population living with the reality of war and the dream of peace br br br

Religion in America: A Political History

Denis Lacorne identifies two competing narratives defining the American identity The first narrative derived from the philosophy of the Enlightenment is essentially secular Associated with the Founding Fathers and reflected in the Declaration of Independence the Constitution and the Federalist Papers this line of reasoning is predicated on separating religion from politics to preserve political freedom from an overpowering church Prominent thinkers such as Voltaire Thomas Paine and Jean Nicolas Demeunier who viewed the American project as a radical attempt to create a new regime free from religion and the weight of ancient history embraced this American effort to establish a genuine wall of separation between church and state br br The second narrative is based on the premise that religion is a fundamental part of the American identity and emphasizes the importance of the original settlement of America by New England Puritans This alternative vision was elaborated by Whig politicians and Romantic historians in the first half of the nineteenth century It is still shared by modern political scientists such as Samuel Huntington These thinkers insist America possesses a core stable Creed mixing Protestant and republican values Lacorne outlines the role of religion in the making of these narratives and examines against this backdrop how key historians philosophers novelists and intellectuals situate religion in American politics

A French Genocide: The Vendee

This work provides a detailed narrative of the civil war in the Vendee region of western France which lasted for much of the s but was most intensely fought at the height of the Reign of Terror from March to early In this shocking book Reynald Secher argues that the massacres which resulted from the conflict between patriotic revolutionary forces and those of the counterrevolution were not the inevitable result of fierce battle but rather were premediated committed in cold blood massive and systematic and undertaken with the conscious and proclaimed will to destroy a well defined region and to exterminate an entire people Drawing upon previously unavailable sources Secher argues that more than per cent of the population and per cent of the housing stock in the Vendee was destroyed in this catastrophic conflict

From Predators to Icons: Exposing the Myth of the Business Hero

In the popular imagination the business media and the schools of business and management that train new generations of entrepreneurs and executives achieving extraordinary success in business is attributed to far sighted individuals who have taken bold risks provided innovative leadership and introduced new products services or ideas superior to those of the competition Amid the growing skepticism about the means by which vast amounts of wealth are accumulated and its consequences however this belief is long overdue for reevaluation br br In em From Predators to Icons em Michel Villette a sociologist and Catherine Vuillermot a business historian examine the careers of thirty two of today s wealthiest global executives including Warren Buffett Ingvar Kamprad Bernard Arnault Jim Clark and Richard Branson in order to challenge the conventional explanations for their extreme success and come to a better understanding of modern business practices br br In contrast to the familiar image of the entrepreneur as a visionary with a plan Villette and Vuillermot instead discover a far less dramatic process of improvised adaptations gradually assembled into a coherent course of conduct And rather than being risk takers those who are most successful in business are risk minimizers Huge gains these case studies reveal are most reliably obtained in circumstances where the entrepreneur has established careful provisions for risk reduction As for the view that innovation makes success possible the authors find that because innovation is an expensive process that takes a long time to produce profits innovators first of all require capital success makes innovation possible The necessary resources they show are most often derived from what they provocatively term predation ruthlessly taking advantage of imperfections weaknesses and vulnerabilities within the market or among competitors Finally em From Predator to Icon em considers the practical ethics implemented during the phase in which capital is most rapidly accumulated as well as the social consequences of these activities br br Drawing on interviews with some of their subjects and crucially close readings of the authorized biographies and other hagiographic accounts of these figures which eliminates the bias of malicious interpretations Villette and Vuillermot provide revelatory insights about the creation and maintenance of business wealth that will be profitably read by both the captains and the critics of contemporary capitalism