A Religious History of the American People

This classic work winner of the National Book Award in Philosophy and Religion and i Christian Century s i choice as the Religious Book of the Decade is now issued with a new chapter by noted religious historian David Hall who carries the story of American religious history forward to the present day br

Theology in America: The Major Protestant Voices from Puritanism to Neo-orthodoxy

Covering nearly years of American religious writing this anthology compiles selections from thirteen notable thinkers including Thomas Hooker Jonathan Edwards Charles Hodge Ralph Waldo Emerson Josiah Royce William James and H Richard Niebuhr to reveal the vital and creative history of Protestant theology in America br br In his substantial Introduction Sydney Ahlstrom relates the history of American theology in broad and accessible terms tackling his subject with characteristic clarity passion and intellectual rectitude

An American Reformation: A Documentary History of Unitarian Christianity

The reissue with additional material of this classic work has long been desired The work discusses the rise apogee and redirection of American Unitarian Thought and its Trinitarian brethren

American Religious Values and the Future of America: With Contributions

No description available

The Scientific Theist: A Life of Francis Ellingwood Abbot

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