Acts of Faith: The Story of an American Muslim, the Struggle for the Soul of a Generation

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Sacred Ground: Pluralism, Prejudice, and the Promise of America

b An inspiring call for Americans to defend the values of inclusiveness and pluralism by one of our best known American Muslim leaders b br br In the decade following the attacks of suspicion and animosity toward American Muslims has increased rather than subsided Alarmist hateful rhetoric once relegated to the fringes of political discourse has now become frighteningly mainstream with pundits and politicians routinely invoking the specter of Islam as a menacing deeply anti American force In this timely new book author activist and presidential advisor Eboo Patel says this prejudice is not just a problem for Muslims but also a challenge to the very idea of America i Sacred Ground i shows us that Americans from George Washington to Martin Luther King Jr have been interfaith leaders and it illustrates how the forces of pluralism in America have time and again defeated the forces of prejudice Now a new generation needs to rise up and confront the anti Muslim prejudice of our era To this end Patel offers a primer in the art and science of interfaith work bringing to life the growing body of research on how faith can be a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division and sharing stories from the frontlines of interfaith activism Pluralism Patel boldly argues is at the heart of the American project It is a responsibility we all must share and Patel s visionary book will inspire Americans of all faiths to make this country a place where diverse traditions can thrive side by side br

Interfaith Leadership: A Primer

A guide for students groups and organizations seeking to foster interfaith dialogue and promote understanding across religious lines br In this book renowned interfaith leader Eboo Patel offers a clear detailed and practical guide to interfaith leadership illustrated with compelling examples Patel explains what interfaith leadership is and explores the core competencies and skills of interfaith leadership before turning to the issues interfaith leaders face and how they can prepare to solve them Interfaith leaders seek points of connection and commonality in their neighborhoods schools college campuses companies organizations hospitals and other spaces where people of different faiths interact with one another While it can be challenging to navigate the differences and disagreements that can arise from these interactions skilled interfaith leaders are vital if we are to have a strong religiously diverse democracy This primer presents readers with the philosophical underpinnings of interfaith theory and outlines the skills necessary to practice interfaith leadership today

Building the Interfaith Youth Movement: Beyond Dialogue to Action

Violence committed by religious young people has become a regular feature of our daily news reports What we hear less about are the growing numbers of religious young people from all faith backgrounds who are committed to interfaith understanding and cooperation Building the Interfaith Youth Movement is the first book to describe this important phenomenon Contributions include concrete descriptions of various interfaith youth projects across the country from an arts program in the South Bronx to a research program at Harvard University to a national organization called the Interfaith Youth Core based in Chicago written by the founders and leaders of those initiatives Additional chapters articulate the theory and methodology of this important new movement This book is a must read for college chaplains religious leaders who work with youth and students and scholars of contemporary religion

Faitheist: How An Atheist Found Common Ground With The Religious

The stunning popularity of the New Atheist movement whose most famous spokesmen include Richard Dawkins Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens speaks to both the growing ranks of atheists as well as their vehement disdain for religion In i Faitheist i Chris Stedman challenges the orthodoxies of this movement and makes a passionate argument that atheists should learn to respect religious identity while remaining secular Stedman draws on his work organizing interfaith and secular communities his academic study of religion and his experiences as a former born again Christian who struggled with his homosexuality and became for a time a New Atheist until he saw its shortcomings As someone who has stood on both sides of the divide Stedman is uniquely positioned to present a way for atheists and the religious to find common ground

Hearing the Call Across Traditions: Readings on Faith and Service

The call of faith and the call of service are often heard together Faith is often related to the endeavor to improve the world materially or otherwise This unique collection of prose verse and sacred texts from different religious perspectives explores faith service and social justice through the lens of literature Drawing from diverse literary genres religious and philosophical perspectives and historical periods these short and provocative readings are organized thematically to provoke reflection on these three questions br br Why do I serve Whom do I serve How do I serve br br Contributions come from across the world s faith traditionsChristianity Buddhism Confucianism Hinduism Islam Judaism Taoism and more Contributorsyoung and old contemporary and ancient male and femaleinclude such spiritual and literary luminaries as Dr Martin Luther King Jr Rabindranath Tagore Flannery O Connor Rabbi Harold M Schulweis Dorothy Day Chuang Tzu Rumi Thich Nhat Hanh Mary Oliver George Orwell and more Includes discussion questions guides to readings by genre and tradition and resources on how to form interfaith groups and engage them in service

A Spectrum of Faith: Religions of the World in America's Heartland

A Spectrum of Faith Religions of the World in America s Heartland invites readers on a vivid journey through words and pictures into the diverse religious communities of greater Des Moines Explore the south side office park transformed into a Buddhist monastery as well as the Basilica in the city s center named to the National Registry of Historic Places discover the Hindu temple rising above the cornfields of nearby rural Madrid along with the mosque synagogue or gurudwara tucked away in a neighborhood near you br br Whether they arrived before last century or just last decade these Iowans who practice the world s major faith traditions Sikhism Buddhism Christianity Judaism Hinduism and Islam extend the state s proud history of welcome to readers of all faith backgrounds Get to know the fascinating array of individuals faith traditions and worship practices belonging to the many religious communities who call Iowa home

Interfaith Dialogue at the Grass Roots

When diverse faiths come together the encounter can be intense awkward even violent but creating a dialogue can help reconcile differences This book considers the patience and passion involved in promoting such interfaith activities

Intersectionality in Action: A Guide for Faculty and Campus Leaders for Creating Inclusive Classrooms and Institutions

Colleges and universities silo diversity and inclusion by creating specific courses to address them or programs to welcome and support people with a range of identities whereas in reality students faculty and staff do not encounter diversity in the fractured ways that match the organizational structures of our institutions We all simultaneously embody a variety of identities with different saliency in different circumstances and times br br This book offers models for institutions to move intentionally toward intersections of study abroad and multiculturalism of race and gender and religion and of other essential aspects of our educational programs and our students identities to open doors to new possibilities that better prepare our students for life in a diverse world and that allow our institutions to become more efficient and effective as we strive to not simply do things better in our own separate spheres but to do better things by working together across difference br br Each chapter offers action oriented analysis focusing on particular campus intersections rather than attending to specific demographic groups Chapter authors also build on their own local expertise of doing this work on campuses that often do not have deep pockets or rich histories of such efforts br br The book is organized into three sections br b People b focuses on diversity broadly defined considering questions about how we recruit and engage the students faculty and staff in the campus community and how we work with governing boards and others to promote inclusive excellence br b Environment b focuses on inclusion including residence life the local community the working and learning environment and external factors and events such as national and international news or town gown relationships br b Learning b focuses on perspective taking and learning about difference in the core curriculum the disciplines and the co curriculum as well as professional development for faculty and staff br br This ground reaking book helps readers no matter what position they occupy on campus to develop the knowledge and capacities necessary to create inclusive classrooms and is premised on the understanding that identity oppression power and marginalization cannot be addressed by looking solely at single identities

Embracing Interfaith Cooperation Participant's Workbook: Eboo Patel on Coming Together to Change the World

Join interfaith commentator Eboo Patel as he explores what it means to be literate about other faiths how interfaith cooperation works and why the skills needed for interfaith cooperation and the significant role that our institutions including colleges and faith communities can play in this process This resources contains all he material needed by class participants and the group facilitator strong strong strong SOLD SEPARATELY strong Embracing Interfaith Cooperation DVD This resource features five minute presentations by Eboo Patel each of which is followed by video of Patel interacting with a small diverse group of adults and young adults as they respond and discuss interfaith issues Eboo Patel believes religion is a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division Inspired by his faith as a Muslim his Indian heritage and his American citizen ship he speaks to his vision of interfaith harmony at places like he Clinton Global Initiative The Nobel Peace Prize Forum as well as college and universality campuses across the country He is a regular contributor to the em Washington Post em em USA Today em and he em Huffington Post em