Awakening Islam: The Politics of Religious Dissent in Contemporary Saudi Arabia

With unprecedented access to a closed culture Lacroix offers an account of Islamism in Saudi Arabia Tracing the last half century of the Sahwa or Islamic Awakening he explains the brand of Islam that gave birth to Osama bin Laden one that has been exported and dangerously misunderstood around the world

سلطة الحديث في السلفية المعاصرة: قراءة في تأثير الشيخ محمد ناصر الدين الألباني ومدرسته

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شيوخ وسياسيون: نظرة داخل السلفية المصرية الجديدة

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Egypt's Revolutions: Politics, Religion, and Social Movements

Where is Egypt headed Did the people bring down the government as the thousands of demonstrators in Tahrir Square claimed in January What has taken place since the fall of the Mubarak regime the following month Why was political Islam although it triumphed in the first free elections ever held in Egypt overwhelmingly rejected during massive demonstrations in June Is authoritarian rule making a final comeback since the bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood Field Marshall al Sisi s rise to the presidency and the arrest of revolutionary activists Has the country become the first front in a regional counter revolution backed by the Gulf monarchies Can jihadist violence which is more active than ever contaminate the entire Islamist spectrum beginning with the Muslim Brotherhood s militant base which is pondering what action to take while its leadership rots in prison This volume is the first to describe the ongoing dynamics in the country since the outbreak of revolution Written by Egyptian American and French specialists who have experienced Egypt s turmoil first hand it sheds light on a demographic political and cultural giant whose upheavals and crises have sent ripples throughout the Arab and Muslim world br

Les islamistes saoudiens: Une insurrection manquée

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حتى لا يعود جهيمان: حفريات أيديولوجية وملاحق وثائقية نادرة

Declassified Freedom of Information Act

Al Qaida dans le texte: Écrits d'Oussama Ben Laden, Abdallah Azzam, Ayman Al Zawahiri Et Abou Moussab Al Zarqawi

p Despite the frequent appearances of Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al Zawahiri on television screens worldwide Al Qaeda remains an elusive entity As the world has grown increasingly familiar with the spectacle of Islamist terrorism Al Qaeda s essential worldview has remained bewilderingly opaque To reveal its inner workings Gilles Kepel and his collaborators all scholars of Arabic and Islam have collected and brilliantly annotated key texts of the major figures from whom the movement has drawn its beliefs and direction The resulting volume offers an unprecedented glimpse into the assumptions of the salafist jihadists who have reshaped political life at the beginning of the third millennium p p Excerpts from the work of Azzabdallah Azzam Ayman al Zawahiri Osama Bin Laden and Abu Musab al Zarqawi drawn from speeches internet postings and published writings tell the story of Al Qaeda s evolution from its origins in the Afghan war through the war in Iraq These texts reveal the rational discursive mode used to persuade and to justify violent armed struggle in a universe defined by militant Islam Substantial interpretive introductions to each leader s work and extensive critical commentary provide unparalleled access to the intellectual and doctrinal context of Al Qaeda in which these radical ideas have taken shape p p By viewing Al Qaeda from within this indispensable volume reveals the terrorist network s insidious role in the global web culture of today and the full dimensions of its frightening threat to world stability and security p

Saudi Arabia in Transition: Insights on Social, Political, Economic and Religious Change

Making sense of Saudi Arabia is crucially important today The kingdom s western province contains the heart of Islam its two holiest mosques in Mecca and Medina and it is the United States closest Arab ally and the largest producer of oil in the world However the country is undergoing rapid change its aged leadership is ceding power to a new generation and its society which is dominated by young people is restive Saudi Arabia has long remained closed to foreign scholars with a select few academics allowed into the kingdom over the past decade This book presents the fruits of their research as well as those of the most prominent Saudi academics in the field The fifteen chapters in this volume focus on different sectors of Saudi society and examine how the changes of the past few decades have affected each Many of the authors have conducted archival and fieldwork research in Saudi Arabia benefitting from the recent opening of the country to foreign researchers As such the volume reflects new insights and provides the most up to date research on the country s social cultural economic and political dynamics