Pioneer of Sociology: The Life and Letters of Patrick Geddes

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A.R. Orage;: A memoir,

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Autobiographical And Other Papers

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Images and Symbols: Studies in Religious Symbolism

Mircea Eliade one of the most renowned expositors of the psychology of religion mythology and magic shows that myth and symbol constitute a mode of thought that not only came before that of discursive and logical reasoning but is still an essential function of human consciousness He describes and analyzes some of the most powerful and ubiquitous symbols that have ruled the mythological thinking of East and West in many times and at many levels of cultural development

Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions

Although written fairly early in his career in em Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions em is considered to be one of Jean Paul Sartre s most important pieces of writing It not only anticipates but argues many of the ideas to be found in his famous em Being and Nothingness em By subjecting the emotion theories of his day to critical analysis Sartre opened up the world of psychology to new and creative ways of interpreting feelings Emotions are intentional and strategic ways of coping with difficult situations We choose to utilize them em we em control em them em and not the other way around as has been posited elsewhere Emotions are not fixed they have no essence and indeed are subject to rapid fluctuations and about turns For its witty approach alone Sartre s em Sketch for a Theory of the Emotions em can be enjoyed at length It is a dazzling journey to one of the more intriguing theories of our time

Existentialism and Humanism

Originally delivered as a lecture in Paris in i Existentialism and Humanism i is Jean Paul Sartre s seminal defence of Existentialism as a doctrine true to Humanism as opposed to a purely nihilistic creed and a plan for its practical application to everyday human life This exploration of one of the central tenets of his philosophical thought has become the essential introduction to his work and a fundamental text to all students of philosophy

Calvin: Origins and Development of His Religious Thought

The year marks the four hundred fiftieth anniversary of the first publication of Calvin s Institutes of the Christian Religion In this important book by a leading European scholar Calvin s life and thought are summarized in relation to the political and intellectual currents of the turbulent era of the Reformation


Cet ouvrage crit dans un style accessible et rigoureux constitue la meilleure synth se des id es d Emmanuel Mounier Prenant appui sur sa philosophie de la personne l auteur claire des th mes majeurs la communication la libert l thique l engagement la politique la culture En ce sens ce livre est galement une remarquable introduction la philosophie Le lecteur percevra vite l actualit d un penseur qui fit de l v nement son ma tre int rieur et que l on a pu caract riser comme un Socrate du XXe si cle

The Many Faces of Love

s t The Psychology of the Emotional amp Sexual Life br Benoit was a th century French psychotherapist whose work foreshadowed subsequent developments in integral psychology amp spirituality His special interest amp contribution lay in developing a pioneering form of psychotherapy which integrated a psychoanalytic perspective with insights derived from Eastern spiritual disciplines in particular from Ch an amp Zen Buddhism He stressed the part played by the spiritual ignorance of Western culture in the emergence amp persistence of much underlying distress He used concepts derived from psychoanalysis to explain the defences against this fundamental unease emphasising the importance of an analytic preparatory phase while warning against what he regarded as the psychoanalytic overemphasis on specific causal precursors of symptomatology