Finite and Infinite Games: A Vision of Life as Play and Possibility

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Breakfast at the Victory

This was true mystical vision This I could never have anticipated But I knew that we were both on the same galactic journey into the great void that contains us all I was standing before a boundlessness that could swallow the stars in a heartbeat from em Breakfast at the Victory em

The Religious Case Against Belief

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The Gospel of the Beloved Disciple

Not another novel about Jesus or harmonizing of the traditional Gospels this is the first full all new Gospel since the fourth century As James Carse says What is needed now as before is imagination but imagination that takes no more liberty with the known historical material than the earlier gospels themselves took And what imagination he displays The book opens by telling how long after Jesus death his followers bring to the woman who knew him best a text that pieces together their memories of him She listens to their gospel tersely responding that they have the basic facts right but that a whole dimension is missing Then comes her Gospel which exhibits all the compelling features of the traditional Gospels but from a wholly new perspective br br The result is a true Gospel that has the kind of bold simplicity striking moments and profound mystery that will encourage readers to return to it again and again to plumb its depths Readers will readily embrace this very human Jesus who rejects conventional pieties makes jokes debates with rabbis and soldiers and spins tales infused with the beauty and brutality of biblical times

The Silence of God: Meditations on Prayer

From the legendary teacher and critically acclaimed author of Breakfast at the Victory comes a simple eloquent meditation on how and why we pray

الموت والوجود


Learning to Hear the Silence: Advanced Meditation Techniques

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Death and Society: A Book of Readings and Sources

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Sacred Stories: A Celebration Of The Power Of Story To Transform And Heal

An eclectic assortment of today s bestselling authors storytellers psychologists and spiritual teachers i Sacred Stories i celebrates the healing role of stories in our individual and communal lives br br a href https www goodreads com author show Maya Angelou rel nofollow Maya Angelou a offers a poem that recognizes the great diversity in the human family but reminds that We are more alike my friends than we are unalike br br a href https www goodreads com author show Robert Bly rel nofollow Robert Bly a serves i Story Food for Women and for Men i br br a href https www goodreads com author show Sam Keen rel nofollow Sam Keen a explores the contemporary i mythic battleground i br br Vice President a href https www goodreads com author show Al Gore rel nofollow Al Gore a explores the unwritten rules in the story of modern industrial civilization br br a href https www goodreads com author show Clarissa Pinkola Est s rel nofollow Clarissa Pinkola Est s a s i Story as Medicine i honors story s ability to heal the wounded psyche br br In the midst of modern lives filled with noise and distractions Sacred Stories celebrates a renaissance in storytelling and story understanding one that offers a means to look inward at the story of our own lives and outward toward the story of our shard life earth

Death, The Press, And The Public

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