The Religious Body (Inspector Sloan #1)

Inspector C D Sloan of the Callehsire C I D makes his first appearance here as he looks into the murder of a nun at the Convent of St Anselm First published in The Religious Body was Aird s first book and immediately established herself as one of the leading exponents of the post WWII English traditional mystery

Henrietta Who? (Inspector Sloan #2)

After her mother Grace Jenkins is found dead run over twice by heavy car Henrietta Eleanor Leslie soon in April identifies body Larking Inspector Sloane and Sgt Crosby of murder squad take over when pathologist reveals body never had children or husband Suspects include eager fianc Bill Thorpe lawyer Arbican and landlord James Hibbs

The Stately Home Murder (Inspector Sloan #3)

On a stately home public tour mischievous boy lifts the visor from a suit of armor and finds corpse Inspector Sloan and inadvertent joker Constable Crosby must sort out who stashed the body and why Key is tea served to batty great aunts Clues also are in ne er do well nephew and attempted blackmail

A Most Contagious Game

When a London businessman retires early and buys a Tudor mansion he s quite surprised and perhaps even a little pleased retirement being pretty boring to find a skeleton hidden in a secret room in the house The skeleton appears to be more than a years old so the local police leave it to the homeowner to solve the mystery The police are much more interested in solving a local modern murder Somehow the two deaths are connected First published in this is Aird s only non Inspector Sloan mystery and a complete triumph

A Late Phoenix (Inspector Sloan #4)

Decades ago Germans bombed the village at Lamb Lane But now redevelopment is under way During the excavation a workman finds the skeleton of a pregnant girl with a bullet lodged in her spine The trail is definitely stone cold when C D Sloan takes on the case

His Burial Too (Inspector Sloan #5)

b Murder in the Tower b br br At p m in the old Saxon church tower at Randall s Bridge a huge statue toppled and smashed Heavy blocks of broken marble now lay up against the doors barring any exit The solitary window was too narrow for a man to pass through the belfry high above led only to the steep roof which rose beyond the reach of any ladder When Detective Inspector C D Sloan put his shoulder to one tower door it barely opened Through the crack he could clearly see the room was empty except for the bells the debris of shattered marble and the protruding arm of a dead man How did the murderer escape this sealed tower Sloan s only clues a spent match an emerald earring and a black thread br br Publisher s description

Slight Mourning (Inspector Sloan #6)

Another outstanding mystery by Aird featuring Inspector C D Sloan and Constable Crosby br br b Murder after Dinner b br br Twelve people sat down for dinner at Strontfield Park William Fent s ancestral home Thirteen would have been most unlucky For the host however the evening could not have been unluckier By midnight he was dead killed instantly when his motorcar smashed into another on a bad bit of road The problem for Detective Inspector C D Sloan was the autopsy The victim it seemed was about to die in any event Along with the cold cucumber soup crown of lamb raspberry cr mets and a fine aged port someone served the lord of the manor a dose of deadly poison But which of the surviving eleven had the opportunity and who had the motive to want him dead br br Publisher s description

Past Tense (Inspector Sloan #23)

British DCI Sloan and Constable Crosby find a pretty young woman drowned in the river to be Lucy former nurse to lately deceased Nursing Home resident Josephine Short Is the handsome tanned engineer at the church service truly the grandson Joe Who searched her room and the Home office yet apparently stole nothing and why

Some Die Eloquent (Inspector Sloan #8)

As the doctor said it s not so important what Miss Wansdyke died from as to whom she left a quarter of a million in pounds Inspector Sloan agrees

Passing Strange (Inspector Sloan #9)

Things had gone wrong from the very beginning at the Almstone Flower Show including a missing fortuneteller But events take a decidedly macabre turn when the fortuneteller is found and Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby arrive to investigate a murder for which there seems no means no motive and no opportunity