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Title:Uma Prova do Céu
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Uma Prova do Céu by Eben Alexander

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Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

Thousands of people have had near death experiences but scientists have argued that they are impossible Dr Eben Alexander was one of those scientists A highly trained neurosurgeon Alexander knew that NDEs feel real but are simply fantasies produced by brains under extreme stress br br Then Dr Alexander s own brain was attacked by a rare illness The part of the brain that controls thought and emotion and in essence makes us human shut down completely For seven days he lay in a coma Then as his doctors considered stopping treatment Alexander s eyes popped open He had come back br br Alexander s recovery is a medical miracle But the real miracle of his story lies elsewhere While his body lay in coma Alexander journeyed beyond this world and encountered an angelic being who guided him into the deepest realms of super physical existence There he met and spoke with the Divine source of the universe itself br br Alexander s story is not a fantasy Before he underwent his journey he could not reconcile his knowledge of neuroscience with any belief in heaven God or the soul Today Alexander is a doctor who believes that true health can be achieved only when we realize that God and the soul are real and that death is not the end of personal existence but only a transition br br This story would be remarkable no matter who it happened to That it happened to Dr Alexander makes it revolutionary No scientist or person of faith will be able to ignore it Reading it will change your life

The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife

The author of the i New York Times i bestseller i Proof of Heaven i teams up with the sages of times past modern scientists and with ordinary people who have had profound spiritual experiences to show the reality of heaven and our true identities as spiritual beings i The Map of Heaven i takes the broad view to reveal how modern science is on the verge of the most profound revolution in recorded history all around the phenomenon of consciousness itself br br When Dr Eben Alexander told the story of his near death experience and his vivid journey to the other side many readers wrote to say it resonated with them profoundly Thanks to them Dr Alexander realized that sharing his story allowed people to rediscover what so many in ancient times knew there is more to life and the to the universe than this single earthly life br br Dr Alexander and his co author Ptolemy Tompkins were surprised to see how often his readers visions of the afterlife synced up with each other and with those of the world s spiritual leaders as well as its philosophers and scientists In i The Map of Heaven i he shares the stories people have told him and shows how they are echoed both in the world s faiths and in its latest scientific insights It turns out there is much agreement across time and terrain about the journey of the soul and its survival beyond death br br In this book Dr Alexander makes the case for heaven as a genuine place showing how we have forgotten but are now at last remembering who we really are and what our destiny truly is

Seeking Heaven

The bestseller i Proof of Heaven i i i has already touched millions of lives turning skeptics into believers in the existence of a universal dimension characterized by peace acceptance and unconditional love that is accessible to all of us br br In the closing pages of i Proof of Heaven i Dr Alexander writes that working with guided audio programs has helped him achieve the deeper level of consciousness needed to glimpse that idyllic realm anew and suggests that all of us can use similar audio programs to expand our consciousness for comparable results br br In i Seeking Heaven i Dr Alexander presents four thirty minute audio journeys produced specifically to support and enhance the experience of those who want to access the state of blissful higher consciousness and self knowledge that he attained during his near death experience Developed and presented with audio meditation specialist Karen Newell co founder of Sacred Acoustics these four sounds journeys combine digital harmonic frequencies sacred instruments sounds from nature and the human voice to help listeners recreate the four stages of Dr Alexander s miraculous spiritual experience Everything is a Vibration Thinning the Veil Shift Your Perspective and Connecting with Source br br These journeys to the spiritual core of existence are designed to help you separate yourself from day to day concerns and find out about your true self appreciate the nature of our interconnectedness and access a transcendent understanding of hope comfort forgiveness and love With i Seeking Heaven i Dr Alexander helps you get in touch with the profound wisdom imparted in the spiritual realms he visited and experience it in your own life

Uma Prova do Céu

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Stereotactic Radiosurgery

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Living in a Mindful Universe

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Advanced Neurosurgical Navigation

An excellent account of the developments which have occurred in neuro navigation with thought provoking insights into the wider applications of equipment Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry br br Today neurological surgery stands at a technological crossroad Revolutionary advances in high speed graphic computers informatics biotechnology and robotics continue to change the field and open vast new possibilities for improved patient care br br In this new book the advances at work in everyday patient care as well as revolutionary new systems now under development are chronicled by the world renowned team of neurosurgeons computer scientists software engineers and others who have led the technological transformations The book includes full information on transferring medical data into mapping strategies viewing the clinical applications of stereotaxis and observing fascinating new image guided neurosurgical procedures in actual clinical practice Most importantly there is a full comparison of the different systems now in use so that the surgeon can make intelligent decisions about which to purchase br br Special features include br br br Innovative computer models that show normal neuroanatomy and its pathologic alterations in exquisite three dimensional detail br The value of fusing state of the art imaging modalities to localize targets for stereotactic neurosurgery including functional mapping of speech and motor areas tumor localization etc br Advanced intraoperative imaging techniques including modern adaptations of stereotactic frames and real time imaging e g ultrasound intraoperative MRI and CT br The potential of robotic manipulation in cutting edge imaging environments br The pros and cons of many of the advanced neurosurgical navigation systems now in use and how each fits your needs br The results of the new technology Enormous improvements in surgical planning execution safety and overall patient management plus flexibility in developing successful combination strategies that incorporate surgery with advanced neurosurgical and radiosurgical techniques br br Complete with illustrations including in full color the book goes further than any current work in documenting the evolution of modern neurosurgical navigation All neurosurgeons especially those working in modern intracranial spinal and peripheral nerve techniques will find it invaluable as will neuroradiologists radiation oncologists general surgeons and biomedical engineers For the next generation in image guided neurosurgery this state of the art work contains information not found elsewhere

Conversations with Eben Alexander, MD, and Raymond A. Moody, Jr., MD, PhD

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Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Heart of Consciousness

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L'évidence de la l'après-vie

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Uma Prova do Céu, Advanced Neurosurgical Navigation, Conversations with Eben Alexander, MD, and Raymond A. Moody, Jr., MD, PhD, Living in a Mindful Universe: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Heart of Consciousness, The Map of Heaven: How Science, Religion, and Ordinary People Are Proving the Afterlife, L'évidence de la l'après-vie, Stereotactic Radiosurgery, Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife, Seeking Heaven, Living in a Mindful Universe