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Title:Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Joseph Campbell, Eugene Kennedy
Publisher:New World Library
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:192
Category:Mythology, Religion, Non fiction, Philosophy, Spirituality, Psychology, History

Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor by Joseph Campbell, Eugene Kennedy

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Thou Art That: Transforming Religious Metaphor Thou Art That is a compilation of previously uncollected essays and lectures by Joseph Campbell that focus on the Judeo Christian tradition Here Campbell explores common religious symbols reexamining and reinterpreting them in the context of his remarkable knowledge of world mythology According to Campbell society often confuses the literal and metaphorical interpretations of religious stories and symbols In this collection he eloquently reestablishes these metaphors as a means to enhance spiritual understanding and mystical revelation With characteristic verve he ranges from rich storytelling to insightful comparative scholarship Included is editor Eugene Kennedy s classic interview with Campbell in The New York Times Magazine which brought the scholar to the public s attention for the first time

The Power of Myth

Campbell s most impressive gift was his ability to take a contemporary situation such as the murder amp funeral of President John F Kennedy amp help us understand its impact in the context of ancient mythology Herein lies the power of i The Power of Myth i showing how humans are apt to create amp live out the themes of mythology Based on a six part PBS tv series hosted by Bill Moyers this classic is especially compelling because of its engaging question amp answer format creating an easy conversational approach to complicated amp esoteric topics For example when discussing the mythology of heroes Campbell amp Moyers smoothly segue from the Sumerian sky goddess Inanna to Star Wars mercenary turned hero Han Solo Most impressive is his encyclopedic knowledge of myths demonstrated in his ability to recall the details amp archetypes of almost any story from any point of history amp translate it into a lesson for spiritual living in the here amp now Gail Hudson edited br Editor s Note br Introduction Moyers br Myth amp the modern world br The journey inward br The first storytellers br Sacrifice amp bliss br The hero s adventure br The gift of the goddess br Tales of love amp marriage br Masks of eternity br Index br Photo Credits

The Hero With a Thousand Faces

p The first popular work to combine the spiritual and psychological insights of modern psychoanalysis with the archetypes of world mythology the book creates a roadmap for navigating the frustrating path of contemporary life Examining heroic myths in the light of modern psychology it considers not only the patterns and stages of mythology but also its relevance to our lives today and to the life of any person seeking a fully realized existence br br Myth according to Campbell is the projection of a culture s dreams onto a large screen Campbell s book like i Star Wars i the film it helped inspire is an exploration of the big picture moments from the stage that is our world It is a must have resource for both experienced students of mythology and the explorer just beginning to approach myth as a source of knowledge p

Myths to Live By

What is a properly functioning mythology and what are its functions Can we use myths to help relieve our modern anxiety or do they help foster it In b Myths to Live by Joseph Campbell b explores the enduring power of the universal myths that influence our lives daily and examines the myth making process from the primitive past to the immediate present retuning always to the source from which all mythology springs the creative imagination Campbell stresses that the borders dividing the Earth have been shattered that myths and religions have always followed the certain basic archetypes and are no longer exclusive to a single people region or religion He shows how we must recognize their common denominators and allow this knowledge to be of use in fulfilling human potential everywhere

Primitive Mythology

The author of such acclaimed books as b Hero With a Thousand Faces b and b The Power of Myth b discusses the primitive roots of mythology examining them in light of the most recent discoveries in archaeology anthropology and psychology

The Hero's Adventure: Power of Myth 1

Long before medieval knights charged off to slay dragons tales of heroic adventures were an integral part of all world cultures Campbell challenges everyone to see the presence of a heroic journey in his or her own life br Campbell There is a typical hero sequence of actions which can be detected in stories from all over the world and from the many many periods of history It is essentially the one deed done by many many different people The hero or heroine is someone who has given his life to something bigger than himself or other than himself Losing yourself giving yourself to another that s a trial in itself is it not There is a big transformation of consciousness that s concerned And what all the myths have to deal with is the transformation of consciousness that you re thinking in this way and you have now to think in that way br Moyers Well how is the consciousness transformed br Campbell By trials br Moyers The tests that the hero undergoes br Campbell Tests or certain illuminating revelations Trials and revelations are what it s all about

Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation

Joseph Campbell famously defined myth as other people s religion But he also said that one of the basic functions of myth is to help each individual through the journey of life providing a sort of travel guide or map to reach fulfillment or as he called it bliss For Campbell many of the world s most powerful myths support the individual s heroic path toward bliss br br In i Pathways to Bliss i Campbell examines this personal psychological side of myth Like his classic best selling books i Myths to Live By i and i The Power of Myth i i Pathways to Bliss i draws from Campbell s popular lectures and dialogues which highlight his remarkable storytelling and ability to apply the larger themes of world mythology to personal growth and the quest for transformation Here he anchors mythology s symbolic wisdom to the individual applying the most poetic mythical metaphors to the challenges of our daily lives br br Campbell dwells on life s important questions Combining cross cultural stories with the teachings of modern psychology he examines the ways in which our myths shape and enrich our lives and shows how myth can help each of us truly identify and follow our bliss

Oriental Mythology: The Masks of God

No description available

A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living

Celebrated scholar Joseph Campbell shares his intimate and inspiring reflections on the art of living in this beautifully packaged book part of a new series to be based on his unpublished writings

Occidental Mythology (The Masks of God, #3)

A systematic and fascinating comparison of the themes that underlie the art worship and literature of the western world

Creative Mythology

This volume explores the whole inner story of modern culture since the Dark Ages treating modern man s unique position as the creator of his own mythology

The Power of Myth, The Hero With a Thousand Faces, Pathways to Bliss: Mythology and Personal Transformation, A Joseph Campbell Companion: Reflections on the Art of Living, The Hero's Adventure: Power of Myth 1, Occidental Mythology (The Masks of God, #3), Primitive Mythology, Oriental Mythology: The Masks of God, Myths to Live By, Creative Mythology