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Title:Theology for Beginners
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Frank Sheed, Karl Keating
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:190
Category:Catholic, Theology, Religion, Non fiction, Faith

Theology for Beginners by Frank Sheed, Karl Keating

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Theology for Beginners

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Theology and Sanity

One of Sheed s most popular books this ideal volume for the layman shows the practical aspects of theology in the life of a Christian believer Logic clarity and simplicity permeate this eminently readable book

To Know Christ Jesus

This modern spiritual classic by Frank Sheed the renowned author publisher and lecturer is brought back into print for the benefit of new generations of readers to develop a deeper more profound knowledge of Jesus Christ Sheed s concern with the Gospels is to come to know Christ as he actually lived among us interacted with all the various people he encountered from his infancy to his passion and death the God man who was like us in all things except sin Sheed has tried especially to see Our Lord in his effect upon others seeing how they saw him trying to see why they saw him so There is much about Mary and Joseph in their task of bringing up a baby who was literally adorable about John the Baptist about Mary of Bethany and Mary Magdalen about Nicodemus about people we meet only for a moment like the man born blind and the owners of the drowned swine and why the Pharisees not only the worst of them but some of the best would not accept Christ Faith doctrine prayer worship all the content and consequences of Christian belief rest on the person of Christ Jesus as recorded in the Gospels In this classic study Frank J Sheed employs wide learning theological sophistication spiritual insight and a lucid style to bring the reader to a personal encounter with the living Lord To Know Christ Jesus has been justly called one of the most satisfying studies of the Gospel ever made Frank J Sheed had a distinguished career as a publisher lecturer street corner evangelist and popular writer He and his wife Maisie Ward were the founders of the publishing house Sheed amp Ward His many books include Christ in Eclipse What Difference Does Jesus Make Theology and Sanity and A Map of Life

A Map of Life

i Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found a href https www goodreads com book show here title here rel nofollow here a i br br Frank Sheed Considered one of Frank Sheed s best books A Map of Life is also regarded as one of the best and most popular short summaries of the Catholic faith ever written Focusing on the major truths of our existence and purpose in life Sheed draws on God s revelation to show what the divine master plan is for us and how each part of the plan is related Beginning with The Problem of Life s Purpose and The Problem of Life s Laws he covers such important parts of the map of life as The Creation and Fall The Incarnation The Mystical Body The Trinity Law and Sin The Supernatural Life and Heaven Purgatory Hell In its breadth and solidity of learning in its clarity and attractiveness of exposition in the persuasiveness that comes of profound conviction and intense earnestness it is a triumphant little book The Universe This then is the first general outline of our map There is a road leading man to that ineffable intimacy with God that we call heaven The condition of walking the road aright is the Supernatural Life It will be seen how every single thing that happens to man has its bearing on this Supernatural Life and is a good thing or a bad thing depending on whether it helps it or hinders it Every single doctrine of the Catholic Church is bound up with this and every single practice of the Catholic Church is concerned with this and with nothing else and apart from this has no meaning Frank Sheed

Confessions of St. Augustine

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The Action of the Holy Spirit, the Lord And Giver of Life:

Frank J Sheed one of the most distinguished and popular Catholic writers of the twentieth century is known as a champion of the faith The Action of the Holy Spirit the Lord and Giver of Life a new edition of his original book is another example of Sheed s ability to shed light on the mysteries of our faith With his keen insight Sheed notes that action upon mankind individually and in community is the special function of the Holy Spirit He then traces the action of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament in the gospels and in the beginning of the church Finally he helps us to see how Christians today can live in the Spirit by making this Third Person of the Trinity the very air we breathe By looking back and looking forward Sheed renews our appreciation for the Holy Spirit the Lord and giver of life Frank Sheed known for his sharp mind and clarity of

Knowing God: God and the Human Condition

Atheists deny we can know God because they deny there is a God to know But even believers who affirm God s existence sometimes don t know him They don t know much about God because they neglect to think much about God and what God has revealed about himself They accept that there is a God but they don t give much thought to what God is like And even if they know a great deal about God in the sense of being able to state truths about him they don t necessarily know him personally and intimately In Knowing God previously titled God and the Human Mind the great Catholic writer teacher and publisher Frank Sheed helps readers to know that God exists to think about who and what God is and to know God personally He clears away popular misunderstandings of God often held by otherwise knowledgeable people A masterful lucid writer Sheed is not timid about tackling the most challenging questions the human mind can pose about God yet he does not reduce divine mystery to dry propositions or neglect the necessity of faith Sheed acknowledges the limits of human words and human minds when it comes to God At the same time he carefully explains the meaning of Spirit the role of theology and revelation including the place of the Bible in the Church and the experience of God in mysticism In the final section Sheed goes into the heart of the mystery of God exploring God as the Trinity and the difference the Trinity should make in understanding God and ourselves

Society and Sanity

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Theology for Beginners

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The Holy Spirit in Action

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Theology for Beginners, Society and Sanity, The Action of the Holy Spirit, the Lord And Giver of Life:, A Map of Life, Knowing God: God and the Human Condition, To Know Christ Jesus, The Holy Spirit in Action, Theology for Beginners, Confessions of St. Augustine, Theology and Sanity