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Title:Of Time and Change
Format Type:Ebook
Author:Frank Waters
Publisher:MacAdam/Cage Publishing
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Of Time and Change by Frank Waters

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC Of Time and Change This Frank Waters last book is a moving and powerful reminiscence of the Taos he knew and loved and of the friends who peopled it including Mabel Luhan D H Lawrence and Dorothy Brett A powerful reflection and a respectful reminiscence by one of the Southwest s best loved writers

Book of the Hopi: The first revelation of the Hopi's historical and religious world-view of life

p In this strange and wonderful book some thirty elders of the ancient Hopi tribe of Northern Arizona freely reveal for the first time in written form the Hopi world view of life The Hopis have kept this view a secret for countless generations and this book was made possible only as a result of their desire to record for future generations the principles of their Road of Life The breaking of the Hopi silence is significant and fascinating because for the first time anthropologists ethnologists and everyone interested in the field of Indian study have been given rich material showing the Hopi legends the meaning of their religious rituals and ceremonies and the beauty of a conception of life within the natural world that is completely untouched by materialistic worlds br br Only a person as deeply steeped in Hopi mysticism as the Hopis themselves could have produced this volume Mr Waters and Mr Fredericks have approached the task of combining Hopi art history tradition myth folklore and ceremonialism with dignity and authority Deserves to be part of the library of any student of the American Southwest i American Anthropologist i p

The Man Who Killed the Deer

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Woman At Otowi Crossing

Based on the real life of Edith Warner who ran a tearoom at Otowi Crossing just below Los Alamos The Woman at Otowi Crossing is the story of Helen Chalmer a person in tune with her adopted environment and her neighbors in the nearby Indian pueblo and also a friend of the first atomic scientists The secret evolution of atomic research is a counterpoint to her psychic development br br In keeping with its tradition of allowing the best of its list to thrive Ohio University Press Swallow Press is particularly proud to reissue The Woman at Otowi Crossing by best selling author Frank Waters This new edition features an introduction by Professor Thomas J Lyon and a foreword by the author s widow Barbara Waters br br The story is quintessential Waters a parable for the potentially destructive materialism of the mid twentieth century The antidote is Helen Chalmer s ability to understand a deeper truth of her being beyond the Western notion of selfhood beyond the sense of a personality distinct from the rest she experiences a new and wider awareness br br The basis for an opera of the same name The Woman at Otowi Crossing is the powerful story of the crossing of cultures and lives a fable for our times

People Of The Valley

One of Frank Waters s most popular novels People of the Valley takes place high in the Sangre de Cristo mountains where an isolated Spanish speaking people confront a threatening world of change

Book of the Hopi - The First Revelation of the Hopi's Historical and Religious World-View of Life

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Pumpkin Seed Point: Being Within The Hopi

Frank Waters lived for years among the strange secretive Hopi Indians of Arizona and was quickly drawn into their mythic timeless reality b i Pumpkin Seed Point i b is a beautifully written personal account of Waters inner and outer experiences in the subterranean world

Masked Gods: Navaho Pueblo Ceremonialism

i Masked Gods i is a vast book a challenging and profoundly original account of the history legends and ceremonialism of the Navaho and Pueblo Indians of the Southwest Following a brief but vivid history of the two tribes through the centuries of conquest the book turns inward to the meaning of Indian legends and ritual Navaho songs Pueblo dances Zuni kachina ceremonies Enduring still these rituals and ceremonies express a view of life of man s place in the creation which is compared with Taoism and Buddhism and with the aggressive individualism of the Western world

The Earp Brothers of Tombstone: The Story of Mrs. Virgil Earp

i The Earp Brothers of Tombstone i and the famous fight at the O K Corral are well known to American history and even better known to American legend This composite biography of Wyatt Morgan Virgil James and Warner Earp is based on the recollections of Mrs Virgil Earp dictated to the author in the s and amplified by documents he unearthed in In his review of the book for i Library Journal i W S Wallace stated that he considered The Earp Brothers of Tombstone the most authoritative account ever to be published on the subject

Of Time and Change

To Possess The Land: A Biography Of Arthur Rochford Manby

Ambitious and only years old Arthur Manby arrived from England in the Territory of New Mexico in and saw in its wilderness an empire that he believed himself destined to rule For his kingdom he chose a vast Spanish land grant near Taos a wild acres whose ancient title was beyond question Obsessed he poured more than years into his dream of glory and schemed stole lied cajoled begged and bribed to take the vast grant from its rightful owners With great mastery Waters draws us into this obsession and the intense drama of these years is at once psychological and historical In May Manby came at last to possess the grant but within three years it had slipped again from his grasp br br The story does not end there and perhaps only Frank Waters could have portrayed the strange disintegration of Manby s personality as he aged his frantic but ingenious efforts to regain his land Among these was the creation of a secret society which terrorized whole towns and villages becoming so powerful that even Manby no longer knew all its members and workings At the same time he turned deeper inward locked and bolted his gates against the outside world which hated and feared him more than ever On July a swollen headless body was discovered in Manby s Taos home Some said it was murder others swore the body was not Manby s still others reported seeing him alive afterward The story blazed into national headlines and an official inquiry followed Step by step Waters takes us into the web of strange clues evidence more murders and complications an investigation which the New Mexican government inexplicably called to a halt The case remains the West s greatest unsolved mystery

Book of the Hopi - The First Revelation of the Hopi's Historical and Religious World-View of Life, Book of the Hopi: The first revelation of the Hopi's historical and religious world-view of life, Of Time and Change, Woman At Otowi Crossing, People Of The Valley, To Possess The Land: A Biography Of Arthur Rochford Manby, Pumpkin Seed Point: Being Within The Hopi, Masked Gods: Navaho Pueblo Ceremonialism, The Man Who Killed the Deer, The Earp Brothers of Tombstone: The Story of Mrs. Virgil Earp